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LP Kim a powerful Thai Buddhist Monk

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LP Kim is amongst the most highly regarded and respected monk ever in Thailand. He devoted the majority of his lifetime being the head master of Wat Fak Tong. Throughout his lifetime, he made numerous Thai Amulet batches. Many of these amulets he made were Phra somdej amulet with other forms of amulets which includes Nang Kwak, Sangkachai, Phra Nang Praya and so forth…

His amulets have been shown to be efficacious plus the value has been continuously increasing from the time he d...

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Info About Phra Somdej

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The most renowned and well known Thai Amulet on the planet is the Somdej Amulet. Somdej Phra Buddhacarya Toh is the original producer of the renowned Phra Somdej. He first presented this amulet to the people towards the beginning of the 19th century. Somdej Toh started out his studies as being a beginner monk in Wat Rakang and steadily grown in ranking eventually becoming the master head of the temple. He was in fact the descendant of Royal Blood. King Rama the second was his father and anoth...

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